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Women’s Support & Education Group

This is a group for women of all ages. Utilizing guided group discussions on topics of importance to women and based loosely on a recovery model of peer support, the primary focus of the group is personal growth and emotional, relational and spiritual health. Examples of topics for discussion include developing effective communication skills, the power of positive living, resilience and bouncing back from setbacks and disappointments, accepting limitations, overcoming obstacles, practicing hopefulness, living alone or living together, practicing healthy boundaries, etc.

This is NOT a therapy group and will not replace professional counseling, treatment or therapy for those who need those services. It can, however, support achieving therapy goals especially for those who may not have positive or healthy support systems in place.  

Dates and Times:

Contact us for date and time of next group

Cost: Free


Phone: 530-378-1155

Email: Annex


The Annex

2161 Ferry Street (to the left of the Post Office)

Anderson, CA 

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