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Welcome to the Annex!

Dedicated to helping you achieve health, wellness and overall well-being, we are a unique community center that offers education and support in a small-group environment. Our services are open to the public and are either free or require a small fee to cover the cost of supplies and materials. We offer a variety of seminar or small-group type interactive education and support services to help you enjoy the fullness of life.

We live in one of the most beautiful areas of California surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, rivers and streams, and are blessed with many days of sunshine, beautiful blue skies and abundant wildlife. Yet, often our lives become filled with stress, worry and everyday busyness which affects our health and happiness. Come see how our programs and services can help you get on track to enjoying wholeness and wellness – more than the absence of disease, it means being fit mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.

Constantly seeking to understand the needs of people in our community, we welcome hearing from you. We are looking forward to becoming acquainted with you!  

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